not sure if I have any friends

I’m at work and I’m so cold and I want back in bed with my warm dog. 

what’s it called…          euphoria;

glitter inside muscle

layers burning in your

cheeks, eye whiskers

twinkling, teeth gleaming.

I’m working on a study called “selfles” 

there are several parts to it:

me holding stuff in front of my face

my septum x-ray

maybe a finger print

I’m working on it

3 reasons why people like numbered lists

1. Humans enjoy order. 

2. Humans also like counting, especially with puppets or Dora’s guidance and enthusiasm. 

3. We dumb. 

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Thom Yorke, 1997


Thom Yorke, 1997

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Things That Bring Me Simple Joy

1. Cooking

2. Being with that boy

3. Taking my Dog on a walk 

5. Dancing at the club

Cat Power – Sea of Love (129,585 plays)

I wanna tell you
How much
I love you

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Rob Pruitt - Multiple Personalities: Suicide Paintings (2014)

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