off the top

He’s a smarm king

I’m an ice queen, or

a gemstone cut 

perfectly imperfectly

They say the first step

is admitting that you have a problem

but then what? what do you do

after you realize that you’re falling

every branch you reach to

is weak and breaks falters forgets

I think I’m dying


Star struck turning blue

raspberry on my tongue

teal jeans and a white T,

white shoes, white truck.

Turquoise eyes render me

milk fat, turn me into cream. 

bleachy keen

and blonde again

I think it makes people think that I’m nice

or that I’m Marilyn Monroe 

"I am growing out my hair to teach myself
patience. I am going to cut it to teach
myself loss. On my best days I still don’t
always get out of bed. New York, we have
to stop meeting like this. I would have
texted you sooner but cabs at three a.m.
But boys who don’t mind if I don’t always
smile like I mean it. But the rain and I
don’t always have an umbrella. Everything
is an excuse, so who are we kidding? If you
write me a poem, I’ll probably make out
with you. No, I am not drunk. I just want to
see your naked elbows. I just want to
dye my hair an unacceptable color and
become a totally different person."

Kristina Haynes, “Some Mornings, I Miss You” (via fleurishes)

(via jesuisuneamesolitaire)

i can’t really explain myself-

my head is pounding

I think I’ll soak instead

this achey baked out head

i want anything but to be taken seriously 

closets are for clothes, not bros

see ya later, instigator (I’m sorry)

this girl is dum

things she doesn’t know: respect

is a two-way road, to have a friend

you have to be a friend, don’t

blame your coworkers for stealing

your pocket change (especially

over e-mail) and don’t blame 

your troubles on your friends

because they’re not going to want to be your friends anymore.

The Queen

The Queen